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About Kendra Coco

Women's Health & Wellness Coach, Natural Childbirth Educator & Lactation Consultant

Kendra, a dedicated educator with a Master's degree in Human Relations and Supervision Psychology, brings a wealth of knowledge to her roles. As a Developmental and Social Psychology instructor, she imparts wisdom to eager minds. She also teaches puberty, sex education, and teen life choices classes, equipping young individuals with the tools to navigate crucial life stages. Kendra's expertise extends to Natural Family Planning, the Bradley method of natural childbirth, and lactation counseling, where she guides expectant parents and new mothers. As a Woman's Health and Wellness coach, her holistic approach empowers individuals to prioritize their well-being. Kendra's ultimate goal is to foster better family relationships and informed decision-making, instilling confidence in her students.

Beyond her teaching, Kendra finds joy in family time and global adventures. She coaches Gap year missions teams while traveling and enjoys tennis and workouts at home. Through her multifaceted journey, Kendra continues to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of others, promoting healthier choices and stronger connections within families and communities.

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Husband rubbing back of pregnant wife sitting on an exercise ball in The Bradley Method class.
Group Classes

The Bradley Method®

The Bradley Method® is an 11-week childbirth class offering comprehensive preparation for natural birth. Each week covers various aspects, including relaxation techniques, proper nutrition, stages of labor, and partner involvement. Participants learn deep breathing, visualization, and positioning for pain management, promoting confidence in the body's ability to birth. Nutrition guidance enhances overall health for both the birthing person and baby.

The program emphasizes informed decision-making and effective communication with medical professionals. Partners are actively engaged as coaches, fostering mutual support. Ultimately, the classes empower couples with knowledge, skills, and a positive mindset, promoting a natural and fulfilling childbirth experience.

Certified Health Coach

Women's Health & Wellness Coaching

With a solid background in health sciences coupled with a fervent passion for empowerment, Kendra offers tailored support to aid women in accomplishing their physical, emotional, and mental health objectives. Drawing from evidence-based practices, Kendra addresses a spectrum of women's health facets, encompassing hormonal equilibrium, nutritional guidance, fitness, and strategies for self-care.

Kendra's approach is firmly grounded in empathy and collaboration, as she collaborates closely with each of her clients to formulate sustainable lifestyle adjustments that foster vitality and equilibrium. Whether her clients are navigating reproductive health, seeking stress management techniques, or aiming to cultivate a positive body image, Kendra ensures a secure space for exploration and development. Unified on this transformative expedition, she imparts the tools and wisdom needed to prioritize health and wellness during every phase of life.

Woman breastfeeding newborn on brown couch
Woman breast feeding outside

Lactation Consultant

In her role as a certified lactation counselor and postpartum coach, she brings a wealth of expertise to guide and support new parents. She specializes in lactation and offers insightful guidance to overcome breastfeeding challenges. Beyond breastfeeding, her holistic approach encompasses emotional and practical assistance, ensuring a smooth transition into parenthood.

With a dedication to empowering parents, she shares evidence-based strategies for navigating the early stages of parenthood, addressing self-care, infant well-being, and emotional resilience. Her compassionate demeanor creates a nurturing atmosphere that promotes the optimal health and thriving of both parents and infants. With her guidance, families experience a positive and fulfilling postpartum journey, setting the foundation for long-term well-being.


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"Special Delivery guided me through my childbirth journey like a trusted friend. Kendra's instruction provided invaluable techniques and support that empowered me to embrace a natural birth, and I'll forever be grateful for their role in bringing my baby into the world."
- Rachael R.
"Kendra’s class was so informative and worth every penny! We could not have prepared any better for our first labor and birth... I absolutely encourage others to learn from this class, you won’t regret it!!"
- Seth and Aubree G.
"As a first-time parent, I had so many questions and uncertainties about childbirth. Kendra not only shared expert knowledge about the Bradley Method but also boosted my confidence to make informed decisions. Her genuine care made the experience truly exceptional."
- Nora T.
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